these are not my people I should never have come here

Thursday, June 17, 2010

you raise your head up to the day

"Amidst a fever and the first signs of fall, I learned that it is not so much about understanding the difference of opinion, but the indifference of it. I learned that despite how much hurt is inflicted, or how much time has passed, or how much love is shared and lost and shredded, there is room for forgiveness." -lelove

"Treat a woman like a Goddess, she rises to the occasion."

 1. in NY with the best (lex)!
2. got lost weaving in and out and through busy side streets
-explored little curiosity shops. bought a dream journal, for: dreams
3. sat in union square, scribbled down hopes and sketches, listened to soft music and breathed in the energy around me.... observed a funky dance performance, had a chat with another fellow observer -as we chatted i learned he was a sport shoe designer. good chat, exchanged e-mails for future friendly exchanges, walked away with new air. love meeting new people.
4. walked around union square a bit, photographs caught my eye, chatted with the artist, bought 6 jaw dropping post cards of the artists work, wished him good day and encouraged him to continue his art, "i love your art! don't stop."
5. met up with lex, ate ahi tuna salads under easy and happy conversation
6. moved on to farmers market -PEOPLE EVERYWHERE- dodging this one and that one just to get here and there
7. bought a pumpkin cookie with magical frosting on top, yummmm!
8. sun still high in the sky we got our fingers and toes painted by hilarious old women, at first laughing softly and then laughing loudly
9. snapping pictures on the stoop waiting for our host to arrive
10. hurried conversation on the roof top... rusted green outlining the window frames across from us
11. cocktails and hairspray we hustled to get to dinner
12. met up with an old friend, celebrated the bests birthday, drank champagne, fruity concoctions, vodka... and played silly games
13. late night snacks and sloppy revelations. laughter.
13. head to pillow... good night.

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