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Monday, September 19, 2011

ga ga

if you don't get lady gaga by now i hope you never do, because if you don't get her now you seriously don't deserve the chance. ever since this chick came out i've been crazy about her... her outrageousness, her awesomeness, but most importantly how smart, talented, and refreshing she is. i'm proud to be a woman among her. these are my top 5 favorite performances.

1.) "I'm going to marry you" - Howard Stern

#2.) Performance with Sir Elton John -whew!- Don't miss this! (No embedded link available, click on the link.)

#3.) I'm not leaving without you

#4.) 2010 MTV Performance

#5.) Solo Acoustic Performance. The lyrics are tear jerking. (...We can all relate to this song from at least at one time in our lives or another.)

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