these are not my people I should never have come here

Monday, December 28, 2009


i found these water colors a while back and i still find myself mesmerized by them. especially with 'bad habit'... i could find new meaning for that one everyday.

 leaving fresburg for sf today... i feel a cold coming on but i wont let it! -not before new years at least. bring out the airborn cocktails and robitsum!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

holiday cheer

top: my sister ash-pea
bottom: me!

merry belated christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

inspirations lately

heavy on the top, skinny on the bottom.
patches over the knee.
thick bun on the very top of the head.
lace under crop top = sexy.
*    *    *

the peanuts gang breaking into dance instead of practicing for the christmas pageant... 
the girl in the pink with her hands in the air is by far my favorite. ha!
i looove this! i wish every party went this way, so fun.

just had a pretty good day of christmas shopping with the best (friend). i found the most amazzzzing gold dress. i will post the mean time, listen to tracy and eric


Sunday, December 20, 2009


this movie is so awesome and totally 80'stastic! i watched it on netflicks instant play thinking it was going to be another girly cheesy movie, which mostly it was, but to my surprise it actually had a little depth. plus the fashions are pretty neat. check it out, it's called satisfaction with justine bateman.

Friday, December 18, 2009

warm & cozy

I just watched charlie brown christmas and then i found the giving tree!! old 70's music is so cool on these old movies. i love being cozy in my bed watching these old favorites.i had a little to much fun last night and am MAJORLY feeling it today so much so that i wont even get up to move my car soooo i probably get my first parking ticket today. eh, oh well.






Thursday, December 17, 2009

blondes have more fun


Blondes get a bad rap but secretly i feel like if
everyone could be, they would be -blonde- that is.
i'm especially drawn to girl in the sand photo.. such
good style and overall it's just a great picture.

-going to happy hour with the girls tonight.
time to get a little sauced up!

play house

can i live here...? now.

when i was little i really wanted a girly-ed out play house. one of our neighbor friends had one and i envied the shit out of that thing. instead my dad built my sisters and i a tree house -which in retrospect is way cooler- but if i could go back in time and change things i would want all of these pictures to somehow come together to become my ultimate dream play house. YES  a girl can dream.


1.)kozmic blues - janis joplin
2.)i'd rather go blind - etta james
3.) three o' clock blues - ike and tina turner

....looove the women of blues!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it girls

taylor momsen's been do'n it for me lately... shes a new-b in my book but i like her stez. i'm especially digging the exposed guarder belt -hot! plus, mk is just the best... and chole makes me love being blonde.

currently listening to:

1.) beach baby - bon iver
2.) hannah - ray lamontagne
3.) iron & wine - peng!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

wrap me up

I've officially made the big move to san fran.. pretty stoked. i scored on having a built in vanity table in my room, so these photos are meant to spark some sort of inspiration for that. tomorrow i need to finish unpacking and then off to a clothing exchange at my sisters. basically one cleans out their closet of old clothes they no longer want and then we exchange... equaling tons of fun! so thats that.


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