these are not my people I should never have come here

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


(found this picture somewhere, loving the oxford style shoe right now)

lazzzy tuesday night, watching my 20 year old cat (yes she is actually 20, in human years!) ,"Bunny", sleep next to the fire in my living room. i've got my parents house all to myself before i embark on my next venture, moving to sf on friday. the wine is good, i'm glad i picked it over the red i normally go for.

after a couple months of first discovering the magic that are fashion blogs i've decided to undertake one of my own.. although i hate to categorize the direction of this blog, i'd say it will be more of eclectic mixture of my favorite things.

so, bare with me... this could get crazy.

currently listening to...
1.) running out of fools - neko case
2.) factory - martha wainwright
3.) summer in the city - regina spektor

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