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Friday, June 4, 2010

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

I've been meaning to put this down before my memory chooses what to keep and what to let fad away. went to go see the zeros play last week. it was my third time seeing them play in 4 months, not bad.. not bad at all. my sister- ash, friend- Terrance, and cousin- Matt somehow got tickets to this sold out show, so we went all out. beforehand we feasted on fresh sushi and lots of warm Saki- delicious! from there we walked on over to the Fillmore for the big show. if you haven't already listened to this band i high suggest you do! there's something so happy and innocent about the music, i can't help smiling or humming along... you feel good and it's so god damn catchy. seeing them live is just so much better (isn't is always..). anyway, the show was amazing. lots of dancing free, clapping, howling, and screaming of lyrics! at one point Alex had everyone sit on the ground and invited some on stage, while he played a lullaby. i liked that part. the encore was especially neat because they played some of what will be their new album, and i can tell you, it's good. jade and Alex also sang a duet of Bob Dylan's 'i just want to be friend's with you'. of course it was super precious. after the show we hung back a while and by my sister pushing, i got to meet the great Alex. did i say meet? more like a moth to flame with my hand outstretched to shake his.. and once his hand eventually did gripe mine i let it stay there for a of one second before i flipped around and walked away with my hands in the air. i couldn't handle it! super starstruck, kinda embarrassing.. but mostly AMAZING! ha ha. whatever. oh yea, and jade waved at me. yea, i know.

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