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Saturday, May 29, 2010

random encounters


Nope! I will not hit the snooze button.

I will just lay here for a bit or two and then... I will... get...ZZZ

AHH!! Wake up! Do not let those eye lids fall over...mmm...ZZZ

Ahhh!! Ok, ok, I'm up. Covers off, feet on ground. Fucking Saturday. Fucking work.


Oh yea, that kid is staying with us... I hope he's gone by now. I hate tiptoeing around in the morning.

Uhhh and he came back and talked all drunkenly to whoever FOREVER on his phone. I was so alseep and then here comes giber-jabber, talky-McTalkerson....

Whatever -snap out of it grumpy, gez.


Ok teeth brushed -check

face washed -check

Make up time.. maybe I’ll watch the rest of that New Moon movie while I finish getting ready....

why is Bella always getting hurt...? It's like every other scene...

Oh shit, I'm analyzing Twilight.


Ok make up -check

hair -check

yucky work clothes -check

...Should i wear flip flops to Bart or just tough it out with the heels?

Flip flops it is.


Whoa, super sunny today. Weather report wrong.. not a cloud in the sky.

Need coffee, maybe a bagel, but I need coffee....maybe an Americana...

I like this place...cute little corner coffee shop --whoa, who's that?

haha, i caught him looking at m-

shit... and now I’m walking in... he just saw me see him look at me and now i'm going where he is... does this make me look like a creeper....?


.. i like the tosseled pony tail look on guys.. i think... some can't pull it off... although this guy can definitely pull it off... yep....

...whatever, he has long hair and that I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-I-look-like-slash-i'm-still-acutely-aware-that-raybands-drive-girls-wild-and-let-me-just-roll-out-of-bed-and-throw-on-an-old-t-shirt

-----kind of hot.

Ok, no more. stop. think about something else now. go get your coffee. GOOOO!

... i think... is he...? i think he's staring at me....

"Hey... good morning..."

-Whoaa, pony tail kid is ballsey... SPEAK -SAY SOMETHING QUICK!-

"Hi... yea, good morning t- (cough) to yo- (clear throat) -excuse me- good morning to you too." (ahhh! gross...)

"Oh, haha. Late night last night?"

"Ha ha... actually not really, well kinda -happy hour- but then just decided to drink some wine and watch a movie" (you are a grandma.. DO.NOT.TELL.HIM.YOU.WATCHED.NEW.MOON!!!)

"Oh man, that's what I SHOULD have done... haha"

"ha, yea.."

"So is this like your neighborhood coffee shop....?"

"Um yea, I like it" -where is the God damn cream?... is it empty..? ah fuck, i've got to unscrew the top..., you're loosing him, stop looking flustered!- "uhh...well, i just live around the corner so.. it works out."

(it "WORKS OUT" (??????) excellent word choices here, awesome.)

"Oh nice, I live around the corner too"

(really..... hot pony tail neighbor....)

"Awesome... on Bronsworth...?"


"Nice. I'm on Clinton Park, it's just one alley over."

"Cool... well...cheers! Good to meet you..."

"Yea, cheers. Nice to meet you too."

Number...? Should I...No he should ask m-
I think everyone in this whole coffee shop is staring at us. Oh shit, I hate that...
Damn he's leaving... well... uhhh... i guess that's it...?

Wonder if i'll ever see him again.... eh, whatever, off to work...


Who sing this song? ahh-ha, Wilco... Karma... I like it...

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahaha! hot pony tail boy! we should go creep out side his house like we did to kieran culkin, you know Im good for it. We'll just casually stroll up and down the alley till he comes out. HA!



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