these are not my people I should never have come here

Sunday, May 9, 2010

even when you're gone your eyes running through my head

I remember making love on a Sunday

Bright floating hearts in a fresh cut grass in May, woah

I remember making out on an airplane

Still afraid of flying, but with you I die today, woah

I remember the smell of your skin forever

Love us being stupid together, woah

You're stuck in my mind

All the time

I remember Monday making your eyes gray

Still don't know what it is that I said, woah

I remember thinking this would never end

You're stuck in my mind

All the time

-yeasayer 'i remember'

went to a secret yeasayer concert last night.. i had zero expectations being that i've never been to a "secret" show before. it was unbelievable! i got off work skipping to the bart knowing that i would soon be meeting up with old friends, taking shots of tequila, and getting all dolled up for a free show. from that point forward it was all up hill. with our free show we got 5 free drink tickets, t-shirt, cool pins, and a big 'ol poster. we danced, we sang, and we loved every minute of it. so many smiles and yelling of lyrics! afterwards we drank fancy champagne in a limo... darting off in style, we laughed until it hurt. such a great night -i'm on a very happy-high right now and i don't want these songs to leave my head.

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