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Friday, January 8, 2010

american artist

6 pics above: dash snow's work
3 pics below: dash snow & fellow artist friends

...dash snow, why are you such a babe? when i first traveled to ny i read an article about this crazy young man. the title of the article was 'andy warhol's children' and it talked about how dash ran away from home around 13 or 14 to live on the ny streets. there he lived the drug and art combo eventually landing in the whitney muesum of american art (among many others) as one of the youngest artist to exhibit work there. a lot of his work focased on taking Polaroids of street life but he also worked with multimedia installations and paintings on canvas. he died in july from an overdose but his mystique lives on. why is it that sometimes the druggies are the most drooled over....? sigh.

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