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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

if you could laugh at yourself what difference would it make

L: "but how do we make love stay?"

B: "i can't even think about it. the best i can do is play it day by day."

L: "in times like these, i'm not sure if any lovers have a chance."

B: "don't let yourself be victimized by the age you live in. it's not the times that will bring us down, any more than it's society. when you put the blame on society, then you end up turning to society for the solution. there's a tendency today to absolve individuals of moral responsibility and treat them as victims of social circumstance. you buy that, you pay with your soul. what limits people is lack of character. what limits people is that they don't have the fucking nerve or imagination to star in their own movie, let alone direct it."

-exert from Still Life With Woodpecker by tom robbins (great book... so far.....)

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