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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

current mood: off the charts!

Erin Wasson in the new issue of Paper magazine. I love this girl -smart, sassy, aaand artistic!

Updates! I woke up early on Sunday and attended my first yoga class in sf. People are so into yoga, it's kind of hilarious. Our instructor kept calling us "yogies" (???). I woke up feeling a squeak hung over But after wards i felt amazing! (Note to self: Yoga is the hang over cure.) After that My Cousin Matt and I enjoyed some sunny breakfast over at Deloris Park Cafe. Other than that I went to see the Watson Twins and Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros at the Noise Pop festival on Sunday night... which was AMAZING. I have not seen a show that good in a looooong time. At the end of the Edward show he had us all sit on the ground and invited 20 people up on stage to listen to a lullaby-ey song. After dancing like crazy it was such a cool way to end the show. I def. recommend checking them out. OHHHH plus I got to meet the Watson Twins and the autographed my CD!! Man, I feel so alive right now and excited to be living around so much stimulation. Everyone I've met so far has been so proactive and into doing interesting things. I can't help but give into every new opportunity.

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