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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shadows of the One

Shadows Of The One
There is only ever One. One Life. One great Love. One defining moment. One Hero. The greatest tragedy in life is to find that you let that One go. You let it pass, you let it fade away until not even an entire memory remains. And the only reason you know that you had that One is because the rest of the events in your life are shadows of it. Shadows of The One.
We all want to experience that One. But are we being deceived? Are we driven by human emotion to believe that we are capable of anything only to discover at the expense of living our lives that we are in fact incapable?  We must find a way to show humanity what it cannot see and what it does not want to listen to.  The world must feel what We feel so that we can all come to an understanding of the lives that live around us. How can We be so aware of all Our parts and still have no idea what the Whole looks like? 
-Elizabeth Chamberlain >

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