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Monday, February 15, 2010

distant dreamer

man, this girl is way to cool to be friends with me. i wish my living room looked like hers, so much to look at!

did a lot of crazy/good shit this weekend. i discovered a new park = 'deboce' on saturday with my friends plus one cousin. there were way to many dogs (and there are never enough dogs!). They were loving it though, playing with eachother and running free -often times right into our picnic, but that's ok. we also had a great little board game going while drinking bubbly red wine and eating hummus and pita chips. picnics in sf has to be my favorite way of spending a sunny Saturday. as the sun was setting we headed back to my place and set up the bbq in the back yard. the menu consisted of kabobs, couscous, and Caesar salad. yumm... plus i love the smell of backyard bbq! perfect day, PERFECT.

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