these are not my people I should never have come here

Friday, February 5, 2010

its a shock to your soft side

some photos from my most recent trip to new york... more to come.

last night almost made up for my horrible job experience the day before. my cousin and i threw our first house party/ pre-party which we decided would be our house warming party. let me tell you, it was a great success! greyhounds all around (part grapefruit juice, part vodka) and good lighting thanks to my candle tray. after the first round of shenanigans we walked over to the Castro and hit up this AWESOME dance party. i'm not one to really click well with the whole hip-hop/ 'let me jam my ass in your package' kind of dance moves, which was why this dance party was so great. all the music was indie/ tecko-ey. to say we danced the night away is an understatement. here's a glimpse of music they played (feel free to dance while listening).

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