these are not my people I should never have come here

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the love that you showed them

they let her down
they did mean things
and took for granted everyone they loved
they don't deserve to keep these people
they took from them
they created a space to keep them lonely 
love was control
but the people they loved, kept loving him
they did not care

and the people they loved went on loving each other
they knew the same love,
the love that you showed them

only now they don't love well
they don't trust love
they won’t let love in for fear that love will entangle them
will abandon them
they are alone in love
they wont let it be there's to have
they wont let it be them that it happens to
the more secrets that love has decided
the more they do not recognize love
they do not like love
they are afraid of love

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