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Friday, December 10, 2010

carries on

I rarely like to add my two cents on here any more... too sheepish i guess... but a funny thing happened yesterday, I dropped a pretty hefty bill on the ground as i was making my holiday Michael's craft rounds. While I was paying for my goods I couldn't find the bill in my pocket (such a "damn!" moment). Strangely enough as I was realizing this a woman came to the counter and asked if anyone had mentioned losing any cash on the ground. The line was super long, and it could have easily been another crafter in my place, but there I was, in the right place at the right time. After I paid the cashier, I chased this woman down and told her of my plight, she laughed, handed me back the cash and wished me a Merry Christmas. if that's not out of a 90's made-for-TV Christmas movie, I don't know what is. After having both my house and car broken into (at separate times) it was just a warm feeling to know that their are still a few among us that would find money on the ground and attempt to return it. really made my day... and although the person may never read this, i feel it important to put karma back into the world when that karma is due. So in the spirit of my little Chrsitmas (ish) story I give you the almighty Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - 'Carries On'.

One love, One love
Carries on

One Touch, one touch
Carries on
One look, one look
Carries on
One Smile
When can you give me, when can you give me
Touch me
Can you give me, oh can you give me
Love me
Come and give me, oh can you give me some
Of the gift that carries on
One word, one word
Carries on
One smile, one smile
Carries on

One love, one love
Carries on
(Chorus) x2

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